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are you looking for beautiful jewelry for yourself or a loved one? jewelry marks occasions of significance. it can be a simple keepsake from a special time, or a reward to yourself or someone else for an achievement. it can also signify momentous occasions, like an engagement to the love of your life or the birth of a child. our fine jewelry is the perfect gift for mother’s day, birthdays, graduations, and more. jewelry says “i love you” like nothing else. for unique jewelry to mark the irreplaceable occasions in your life and the lives of those you love, visit stephen vincent design in minneapolis, mn.

    • Custom Design Jewelry Minneapolis, MN
    • Custom Jewelry Minneapolis, MN

customer service

stephen vincent design provides all the assistance you imagine a quality fine jewelry boutique would offer, including the following:

  • A beautiful selection
  • Custom designs
  • Cleaning and polishing

we’ll show you our exciting range of new, brand name jewelry. bring us your heirlooms for restoration, rings for resizing, and give your old pieces a new life by having them reset or cleaned and polished back to brilliance!

We are one of the best jewelry stores for reworking your old jewelry!

we love bringing new life back into old pieces. have you received rings, necklaces, bracelets, or other jewelry that has been passed down in your family for generations? these pieces may have been at the height of fashion when they were created, but times have changed and decorating sensibilities have moved on. let us take the gold, gemstones, and other precious materials from your old jewelry and create something new and beautiful from it. you’ll still have the sentimental thrill of wearing your grandmother’s engagement diamond or the pearls from your mother’s favorite earrings while having a piece of jewelry that fits your style. we happily rework and recreate all kinds of old and outdated jewelry. visit our showroom in minneapolis today or call our jewelry shop at 612-338-1481 to talk about creating an amazing custom design!

About us

our customer service team is helpful and friendly. we understand that picking out jewelry can be a very personal and sometimes a little nerve wracking, especially when it is for someone else! we’re experts in helping you find the perfect statement for every occasion, every style and every budget. our jeweler is an inspired designer who is committed to working with you to create the perfect design. stephen is highly experienced and qualified, a master craftsman, capable of creating awe inspiring jewelry and restoring delicate, broken watches and jewelry to their former glory. stephen vincent design – minneapolis’ premier fine jewelry store.