Mary Lou's Jewelry

Mary Lou Blasing Rings_edited.jpg

These are Mary Lou and Herman's original wedding rings. After Herman died, Mary Lou decided to have Stephen Vincent Design make her custom jewelry pieces that combine both of their rings.

The design process began by removing and measuring all the diamonds from the original rings. Each diamond was examined under magnification to make sure it could safely be set in new jewelry. Often gems get chipped, cracked, or abraded after many years of wear. Diamonds are the hardest gemstone and the least likely to break. Mary Lou's diamonds were all in great condition.

Once all of the diamonds were removed and measured, the design process began.

Here are some sketches of design ideas that were considered...


The first design idea was to make multiple rings that could be stacked together. Many sketches later, Mary Lou decided she liked the look of one wide ring. However, she didn't want it  quite as wide as her marquis diamond.

Steve's solution: set the marquis diamond at an angle! 


We didn't stop there, Mary Lou still had diamonds and their wedding bands.

And so this pendant design was born! 


And then there was only a single diamond remaining... 

Perfect for a right hand ring!

MaryLou3_23b - Copy.jpg
MaryLou3_23d - Copy.jpg

We loved getting to know Mary Lou and hearing about her beloved Herman.  It was an honor to work on such a special project.