Katie S.

"My ring photo represents a forever commitment to life’s best adventures with my person! The ring (pictured above) that was given to me on my engagement, describes me as unique, special, & fun individual.   We got engaged Labor Day weekend in 2013.  Living in the North Loop for 3 years before we got engaged, I walked past Stephen Vincent studio every day on my way to the gym and often times thought, ‘how great would it be to have a ring from here!”  It has always been my style to like things that are different then the norm and what everyone sees on a regular basis.  I never saw anything Stephen did that was the same, it all was so beautiful and unique to the person.  On a very hot day on Labor Day weekend, while hiking a trail in St. Croix, my person, Dave, dropped to one knee and I saw the Stephen Vincent box (photo also above).  So many thoughts ran through my mind but the one that truly stands out is that he really understood me & that forever with him will be nothing short of an adventure. He captured my personality and style in a beautiful oval shaped engagement ring framed in palladium and sitting on a red gold band.  (disclaimer: This was well BEFORE the red gold/rose gold explosion picked up).  Dave worked with Stephen and Michelle to help me be a trend setter and since that day, not a week goes by where I receive my favorite comment, “beautiful ring, I have NEVER seen one like that before!” Music to my ears. Thank you!"