Ellen O.

"This is one of my favorite photos from our wedding. It features my engagement ring, and our wedding bands - all designed by Stephen Vincent. The angle of this photo allows me to see why I fell in love with each piece individually and cohesively. I've always loved how my husband's ring contains a little piece of mine with its warm, red gold center. It's almost like a little secret between the two of us that no one else can see. On the outside, it fits his rugged hand so well. He never takes it off and because so, it's become part of his hand that is now more recognizable to me than the hand I knew without a ring. 

I've watched his hands grow with mine for the last 12 years and have held them through good times in bad. I've danced with them at our senior high school prom, squeezed them when he was struggling to get through graduate school, held them for strength when my family dealt with a tough time. I watched as his hands learned how to fix so many new things when we bought our first house. Clung to them in the back of a tuk tuk as we raced through the streets of Bangkok.

We've already been through so much together and made so many memories donning our perfect pieces of art. The weight of the rings comforts me, reminding me of our strong, solid bond. And the simplicity and beauty of each design fits our relationship perfectly. We're simple. We're strong. We're one of a kind.

Thank you for allowing us to showcase our love on our hands, but letting us have our own secret. Our rings will carry us closer together, year after year. Become worn right along with us. And we wouldn't want it any other way."