Cole W.

"The attached picture is of my wedding ring and engagement ring, custom made by SV. Next to my rings is the same photo I cut out of a magazine almost 10 (?) years ago and kept with me, always dreaming of the wedding ring that I thought I would never have. My husband proposed to me with this ring, made a bit different, with a sapphire center piece, last September. It was a dream come true. 

I have had two other pieces from the studio, back when they were in the IDS. I couldn't get over the fact that I was supporting a local artist and was lucky enough to have something hand-crafted from them; forged! 

I told my husband, back when we were dating that I would only ever want SV for anything. He was like, really? And I was like, dead serious. 😁😍

I sheepishly asked Catherine then, if I could copy her engagement band and she said 'Of course!' A row of sapphires going from white to near black with a few diamonds. Luv.

Besides my obsession with SV style and craftsmanship, the service is top notch. Thank you for being genuine and special and artistic in a sea full of carbon copy jewelry stores."